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"My clients love this experience!! Zomo.fit increased my retention & referrals by 10x🔥"
- Jason ( FitPro )

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Your Live Video Classes with better in-class experience

Zoom alternative for Fitness Trainers
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🔥 1064 Trainers switched from Zoom to ZOMO

Stream and monitor from any device

Host Live Interactive Workout Classes.

✅ Two-way streaming from any device.
No Setup required. Just one tap to go live.
✅ Supports more than 100+ clients in 1 class


Pre-program Workout Timers Before Going Live

✅ Go beyond just live video.
Customizable countdown timers for each exercise & rests
HIIT, Tabata & Circuit Training. Design your own sequences before you go live.

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Play Spotify Music With Your Live Video

✅ Seamless hassle-free one click setup on your phone.
Perfectly synced music with your live video & interval timers
✅ Your voice given more preference than the background music. No more shouting or pausing!

Our inbuilt Audio Mixer Technology will make sure Your voice will still be more clearer to your participants with music ON

See who is more active in a group class

Built-in Fitness Tracker via Camera

✅ NO WEARABLES. Activity is tracked via Camera

"This simple feature gamified my entire workout. Participants attendance improved as everyone was trying to beat everyone else."
- Jason ( Strength Trainer)

Zomo.fit users get more referrals

Zomo app made me realize the importance of live classes. I get to charge more, and it's so much easier to run a class.

- Jason in Philly (Fmr Athlete/ Trainer)

I struggled a LOT to deliver quality music in my Zumba class. Zomo makes it super easy to pick a Spotify playlist that sounds amazing!

- Bella in MIA (Zumba)

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