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Easy to Add

Display Timers & Workout Overlays

"Participants did not require to download anything. My workouts was accessed directly from their mobile & laptop browsers. Pretty Neat"
- John ( HIIT Trainer )

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Stream or monitor from any device

Use Your Phone as an HD Webcam

"Streaming HD live workout from my iPhone was way better that streaming from my laptop. None of my participants experienced any kind of lag or freezes"
- Bella ( Zumba Trainer )


DJ Legal Spotify Music to Your Participants

"There was no delay between my video & the music. Everyone was able to hear my voice clearly over the music"
- Bella ( Zumba Trainer )

Our inbuilt Audio Mixer Technology will make sure Your voice will still be more clearer to your participants with music ON

Gamify your Workout

A Leaderboard Powered by Vision AI

Automatically tracks who workouts the best and ranks them.

"This simple feature gamified my entire workout. Participants attendance improved as everyone was trying to beat everyone else."
- Jason ( Strength Trainer)

Make your workouts a habit

Bring Them Back With Post Workout Summaries

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Zomo app made me realize the importance of live classes. I get to charge more, and it's so much easier to run a class.

- Jason in Philly (Fmr Athlete/ Trainer)

I struggled a LOT to deliver quality music in my Zumba class. Zomo makes it super easy to pick a Spotify playlist that sounds amazing!

- Bella in MIA (Zumba)

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